Best and most Ethical Attorney in Orlando

“Phil was extremely thorough and educated us on key words of an investment contract. Not only did he protect our interest, he revised the contract and both parties agreed on the terms without a lot of negotiation”


Highly Recommendable

“I reached out to Attorney Gunthert just one week ago after seeing his profile online and I am so glad I did. My initial and continued impression is that he is the most compassionate and knowledgeable attorney that I have had the pleasure of speaking with in regards to the difficult situation I’m facing at this time in my life. He is in the moment when conversing with me and has guided me in the right direction as well as making me feel I can openly speak to him about anything I am concerned with. His soft spoken mannerism is greatly appreciated and has put me at ease with knowing he will be by my side throughout. I will be hiring him to represent me with my case. I would and will refer him to anyone that needs an attorney utilizing his expertise.”


Helpful and Straightforward

“Mr. Gunthert was one of three responses. While the other responses are appreciated, they were very generic and ultimately recommended the services of an attorney, Mr. Gunthert’s response was detailed enough and worded in a way that recognized that this didn’t appear to be a complex issue and was calling more for a verification of a solution already being presented by myself. He provided sound advice for a question that probably took him 3 seconds to process and didn’t try to push me toward hiring him. I appreciated that.”


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