Phillip has been practicing law for over 10 years in the Central FL area. He is passionate about advocating for his clients’ needs and enjoys travel and Rugby.

About The Attorney


The Law Office of Phillip W. Gunthert has been going strong since 2011 and has afforded Mr. Gunthert many years of invaluable experience professionally assisting his valued clients. Prior to attending law school, Phillip spent 10 years as a financial and business consultant for a financial education company addressing an array of client needs from debt and credit consulting to start up business needs, real estate and various other personal, business, tax and educational needs. He has also worked as a legal researcher and paralegal for 3 years at a law firm until he received his legal license in 2011 and became a solo-practicing attorney.


Phillip Gunthert completed his undergraduate at Florida State University with a B.A. in International Affairs and a B.A. in Political Science. Additionally, he graduated from Lively Law Enforcement Academy, earning the State of Florida Law Enforcement Certification. Phillip completed his Juris Doctorate of Law from The Barry University School of Law. 

He has additionally studied Law overseas in Scotland, Greece and New Zealand. He has traveled and studied extensively abroad and has lived overseas in Austria, Australia, and New Zealand. He has spent extensive time growing up in Austria, Germany and Switzerland during his childhood, and as a result, is fluent in German.


While working for the financial education company, Phillip became interested in various facets of the law, as many aspects of his previous position overlapped with legal work. Phillip is of the strong opinion that many individuals avoid the legal system because they feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the court system, legal process, legal terminology and the potential cost of seeking legal advice in pursuit of a fair opportunity to address some wrong. Phillip had the same concerns and has undertaken a personal goal of trying to work with and help whomever he can in the most efficient and financially reasonable manner possible, based upon each individual’s circumstances and the time and effort required to resolve the issues at hand. The goal of this office is to find a mutually acceptable way to work with and help anyone that seeks  legal counseling, if it is in the realm of legal practice this office specializes in.


This Law Office is based on the belief that all clients’ needs are of the utmost importance. The goal is to always address the questions and concerns of clients in a timely and accurate manner. We understand that all clients have differing concerns and needs, with respect to their questions and legal issues at hand and as a result, require different approaches to resolve their challenges. We further understand  the legal process  often is an intimidating process. Our goal is to help you find your answers and attain a resolution in the most efficient manner possible.  

Furthermore, our goal is to work with all  clients in a manner that is mutually satisfying for both you, the client and your legal counsel. As a result of this personalized attention, a high percentage of business is from repeat customers, referrals and ongoing legal business relationships.

Areas of Expertise

Estate Planning & Probate

General Practice of Law

Business Contracts

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